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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Postcards To the Station, Postcards At the Station

If you are settling in to some spring / summer sewing projects, I'm going to let you in on a very fun Call for Entry. The Kathy Theissen Gallery in Rosthern, Saskatchewan did this last year andit was such a hit that they are doing it again.  Anyone from anywhere in the world can mail a maximum of 2 postcards each are 4x6 inch pieces of art.  All entries will be displayed as an Exhibition, and auctioned off as a fundraiser for the Station Arts Centre.  So... you don't get them back, but you do get them on display and spreading joy.

Here are the details they posted:

We are receiving POSTCARDS TO THE STATION, a Postal Art Fundraising Exhibit, well before the deadline date. If you have 'liked' some of the postcards you have seen, you might want to send us one or two as well. Here is how---

What are the rules? 
Create a 4”x 6 “ work of art on the surface of your choice. All media is welcome (text, paint, print, fibre, photography, collage, leather, metal etc)
Your Art Work must come through the postal system (stamped by the post office). Limit of 2/person. Sign it on the front, indicate the title, medium & your contact information on the back. Your card must arrive at the Station on or before Friday June 16, 2017.

Who may participate? 
Emerging artists, professional artists and YOU… if you love a challenge!
Work posted to us will be part of a silent auction & exhibit in the Kathy Thiessen Art Gallery from June 27 to August 6th, 2017. 

The work is viewed in person and on Facebook.


And if you are too chicken (tsk tsk) and you'd like to try your hand at making a fibre art postcard, I'm running a class in Rosthern during the postcards exhibition, so you not only get to make your own, you get to enjoy a collection of cards on display from around the world.

Open to all.  Any sewing machine in good working order is required.  You need some assorted threads and a bobbin loaded with white.  I bring all the fun stuff.  We'll have a theme and you get to do your work creative thing... so come with an open mind.


And I have another secret...  but you'll have to wait for the next post.

: )

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Heavens to Murgatroyd !

That was what I said.  I don't think I've heard that phrase since the early '70s but that's what I hollered when I saw all this!

Not now...

That is a late-night screen shot just before my phone died.  It's a book that's made my Janine Vangool, editor and creator of UPPERCASE magazine.  She is creating a series of inspirational encyclopedias.  Stitch*illo is the third book.  The first two are 'Feedsacks' and 'Botanica'.  The subtitle of this one is 'Every Stitch Tells a Story' and lookie!  I was invited in!

Not now...

... in with a group of incredible embroidery artists from around the planet!  Wow.  UPPERCASE magazine has been around as long as I've been blogging, and is entirely self-published and ads-free. You know what happens when you pull all the ads out of a magazine?  Well, there's not much content left.  Uppercase is chalk-full.

The book set is equally gorgeous.  The set is available for order (this one edition is still in pre-order phase).  They come with a few changeable dust jackets as well, loaded with colour and patterns.

And so image me with a smile ear-to-ear when all of a sudden someone shows me THIS!

okay, NOW!


I realize I don't have much to say that's sounds remotely intelligent in this post, but my mind has been blown.  ; )  This is fabulous.  If you are on IG, you can also check out some production shots of this book at uppercase.  : )  To learn more, see the whole set, or pre-order, you can go to their website here  UPPERCASEmagazine.com

Have a great day!

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Visual Storytelling

Last year I delivered Visual Storytelling workshops to the Children's Discovery Museum here in Saskatoon. This spring I was honored to offer a similar opportunity to newcomers; specifically immigrant and refugee women.  Let me just say that I REALLY like being hired to work with groups to do art related projects.  This workshop was something I put together myself, based on the concept of paper quilts.  Using paper and fabric and scissors and glue, participants made 'quilt' blocks based on themes.  The resulting collection of finished blocks were put in poster frames.

On Day 1, with the help of translators, the theme I gave was 'what makes you strong?'  The blocks they made then became all about family, children, inner strength, and skill sets.  I was pleasantly surprised at how open the women were to jumping in and creating symbolic versions of their very personal and often painful stories.  Of course, I had needles and threads there for some extra embellishing.  It was great to see their existing talents really shine through with their creations.

This is Emily who runs the Women's Program at the Saskatoon Open Door Society

On Day 2, the topic revolved around future.  The women were asked to create pieces that spoke to the hopes and dreams they have for themselves, for their children, and for their new life here in Canada. They had so much to say.  It was important to add text to the art for people to better understand the meaning in the symbolism.  Even for myself, I wouldn't have known the stories behind the shapes. All of the stories are incredibly moving.

At the end of the week, there was a wonderful event!  There was a Women's Celebration put on by the Saskatoon Open Door Society that all the newcomers were invited to attend. There were guest speakers, performances, and a cultural fashion show too!  (A joy for me to photograph for the hosting organization with so much fabric, colour and embellishments!)

Then these brave women from my group had the opportunity to stand with their pieces in front a large hall full of women.  One by one, they went to the microphone to tell their stories.

The Women's group sharing their stories at Queen's House of Retreat

Some required the aide of translators.  Some spoke alone.  There were tears and silence and smiles and applause.  And you know... when one women starts crying - well, everyone teared up.  It was amazing for me to watch their determination in sharing what they went through and what they hope for, even if it was a painful thing to share.

I will be doing a repeat of this workshop one more time with the next group of newcomers in May so that we will have a good amount of art to fill the gallery space I've secured.  I am excited to have a public spot booked for the month of June where all of these pieces can be seen!  My goals for this project are to create a safe space in our community for these women to tell their stories because their stories are important, and in turn educate the public in the hopes of moving toward acceptance.

Thank you so much to Emily and to the Saskatoon Open Door Society, and of course, to the amazing participants.  : )


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